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  • Tools

    ESS Field Guide – EMBC
    • provides information regarding the BC structure for the provision of ESS and clarification on the various procedures and guidelines for use by local authority ESS teams


    ESS Quick Reference Guide – JIBC
    • provides those on the management team who are learning about and working in the RC and GL, with some basic prompts and reminders of the RC and GL operations, tasks, and activities
    • full-colour, UV coated, and customized copies of this quick reference guide are available for purchase from the JIBC
    • an electronic version can be freely downloaded from the My EM Resources site (below)


    ESS Mobile Guide iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) App – JIBC
    • designed for RC and GL management team members, this App can be used during an emergency or disaster as a practical tool. Create and store your team contacts, use function checklists, refer to guides/standards, plan with interactive maps, and more!
    • available for purchase from the App store in 2013


    • developed by the New Westminster ESS Program in partnership with the BC ESS Office and the Emergency Support Services Association, this guide  contains several basic questions or statements commonly used in the provision of ESS which have been translated from English into sixteen other languages


    My Emergency Management Resources – JIBC
    • a free-access portal created and maintained by the JIBC Emergency Management Division. Designed to meet the needs of all communities, agencies and private businesses across Canada, My EM Resources is of particular benefit to remote organizations and those with limited access to funding for training or exercising
    • view, download, save, and print training videos, virtual interactive training tools, dynamic forms/charts, exercise packages, course materials, documents, posters, and quick reference guides


    Reception Centre Operational Guidelines (RCOG) – EMBC
    • a comprehensive manual that provides the BC organizational structure, function checklists, and function aids (e.g., forms, instructions, templates, etc.) to assist ESS responders in the operation of a RC during all levels of response, from a small scale incident to a large complex evacuation


    Reception Centre Video – JIBC & EMBC
    • a training tool that has been developed to assist ESS teams in the operation of RCs. The 15 minute video, narrated by Marke Driesschen, describes the set up, functions and services of a RC. ESS teams are encouraged to make use of the video for in-house training and review, or as a reference in the set up of a RC
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